The first monster Ultraman Taro fought on Earth.

A creature that feeds on oil and has no mercy of any kind, this strange creature rose from the depths to feed on Japan’s oil supply. Attacking a refinery and lapping at the geysers of oil that he made spray up from the ruined ground, it seemed nothing could stop this creature! Kohtaroh Higashi, a local man in the area and future Z.A.T member, took control of one the cranes and managed to wrap the monster’s neck with the strong chain. As the creature struggled to move, the Z.A.T forces open fired, sending wave after wave of explosive weapons on it. Soon, however, the chain gave way, snapping in half and freeing the beast. It quickly vanished under the sea just as fast as it appeared, but it would be back sooner than later!

One night later, it attacked again! This time, however, it was caught up in a battle with the even more deadly Astromons. The two monsters began to fight, thrashing the cityscape around them. When trying to head butt his plant-like foe, the Oil Drinker’s head got caught in its secondary mouth located in its huge flower. As the creature kicked and struggled, its entire body was sucked into Astromons until it was no more.