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Isnin, Mac 21, 2016

Buat Duit Dengan Social Reality (Bayaran Pertama) - Ad Network

Buat Duit Dengan Social Reality (SRAX) Dan Bukti Bayaran 

Mengenai Social Reality 
-Social Reality delivers a complete set of advertising and marketing tools and services powered by real-time automation. Our proprietary technology connects the social and digital spheres to offer brands, agencies and publishers new and measurable opportunities to target, reach and monetize their audiences.

Payment Method (Cara Pembayaran)
Paypal - 10 USD (sekarang tak pasti)
Check - tak pasti

New York
The Empire State Building, 350 Fifth Avenve, 59th Floor, New York, NY 10118

Los Angeles
456 Seaton St., Los Angeles, CA 90013

621 West Lake Street, Ste 225 Minneapolis, MN 55408

Viale Cassala 32, 20143 Milan

Calz. Cuauhtemoc #328 Local 10 Plaza Victoria, Col. AviaciĆ³n C.P. 21200 Mexicali B.C

Sign Up/Website
- www.socialreality.com

-maaf tak dapat nak tunjuk dashboard mungkin akaun SRAX aku dah kena ban sebab tak buka banyak bulan rasanya. Lepas dapat bayaran pertama aku terus test iklan lain.

Bukti Bayaran

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