salam semua..Tadi saja je buka akaun nuff pastu ternampak plak sesuatu yang baru..jom kita tengok apa itu Evangelist..bila dibaca macam menarik juga..

What is the Evangelist program?

The Evangelist program allows you to connect with your favourite brands like never before! Sign up as an ‘Angel’ for a particular brand, and you’ll get updates on the latest and greatest coming from the brand. Be an Angel, and you’ll be part of an exclusive community, and enjoy the perks that come with it. Promotions? You’ll be the first to know. Community events? You’re the first in line for invites. Sharing your love for a brand has never been more fun!


1. How do I sign up for the Evangelist Program?
Once you’ve logged in to your Nuffnang account, you’ll see an ‘Evangelist’ tab on your dockpanel. Clicking on it will bring you to the Evangelist program main page, where you’ll see a list of all the participating brands. You can then choose which brands you would like to follow. Please note that this is only open to Nuffnang Glitterati members.

2. What will happen when I sign up as an Angel for a particular brand?
You’ll be updated on any promotions, events or other exclusive offers that the brands you’re following have to offer!

3. Can I be an Angel for all of the participating brands?
You can only be an Angel of one brand from each category.

4. I don’t want to evangelise brand X any more. How do I stop from evangelising?
From the Evangelist program main page, click on the brand that you wish to stop evangelising, and it’ll bring you to the brand page. Click on the ‘Stop Evangelising’ button at the top left corner, and you wont be an angel for that particular brand anymore.

5. I’ve signed up as an Angel for a brand from X category, but I would like to be an Angel for another brand from that category instead. How do I make the switch?
First, you’ll have to stop evangelising for the brand. After that, you can start evangelising to the brand you wish to, but your status will be listed as ‘Pending’. Thus, you will only start receiving updates from them after a two-week buffer period.

6. Do I need to pay to sign up for the Evangelist program?
Nope, we believe that the best things in life are free! :)

7. Am I getting paid to join the Evangelist program?
No, but you’ll get to enjoy exclusive offers from the participating brands only available to Angels!